Home Finders, Inc. has been in the Manufactured Housing business since 1995! 

Home Finders Inc. is family owned and operated!


     We currently offer New Factory Direct Champion, Highland, and Friendship manufactured homes, both available as HUD code or IRC (Modular) code construction.  These homes range in price from the mid $50,000 range for modest, entry level HUD double wides to the $70,000 to $100,000 and up range for more sophisticated modular homes.   
All of our pricing, New and Used, is based on the NADA book value of the home.  All of our homes, New and Used are priced at or below book value so when it comes to financing, the appraised values are always high! That can make financing much easier.   
(You won’t find that at any other dealer.) 


Pre-owned 2001 Fleetwood
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     The Preowned Homes we have are 'HUD' standard manufactured homes.  We have 'single wides', 16' wide  x 76' long (1,216 sq ft) and smaller, starting in the mid teens up to the $30,000 range, and 'double wides', or two section homes, from 24' wide x 40' long (960 sq ft) to 28' x 66' (1848 sq ft) and larger.   
The most common size used doublewide we get is around 1500 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths.  A home in that size range, ten years old or newer and not in need of major repairs is going to run from the high twenties up to $60,000 and over.  Once again, we base all our purchasing and pricing on the N.A.D.A.  Book value of the homes, and try to sell all homes below book value.  The most expensive pre-owned home we have ever sold was about $68,000.  Most of our double wides sell in the 35 - 50 thousand dollar range.  All of our homes have the book value and sticker price clearly marked on them. 
(You won’t find that at any other dealer.)  

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We include Free Delivery to most locations in Southern Colorado and the entire San Luis Valley. 
We can assist you in arranging to have the home installed, or 'set' at your location.